Nina Schollaardt is a dutch
photographer, based in Amsterdam.

Nina studied at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, completing her degree documentary photography in 2020. Part of her graduation project, Nina depicted a group of butchers, casting awareness to the exploitation in a stigmatized meat industry plagued by recent covid outbreaks. The series was depicted in the Volkskrant.

        Nina’s internships with Laura Pannack and Kalpesh Lathigra brought her to London twice. During this time, she created the series Brexit Flowers, in which she documented the strained Dutch flower exporters.

        Upon returning to the Netherlands, Nina started working as a permanent photographer for newspaper Het Parool

        Since January 2022, Nina works as a freelance photographer. Alongside her commissioned work for local and international newpapers, Nina is currently working on a series about the youth in times of the COVID pandemic, displayed i.a. at the Fotofestival Naarden.

You can contact her via Email, Instagram or Linkedin.
Image by Nosh Ganesh

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